Why am I seeing references to Amazon products around the site?

First Methodist is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Every now and then, there are books or other things mentioned during the Sunday morning sermon. We've provided a link to many of those books for your convenience. You can go to a page with all the recommendations here. First Methodist then earns referral fees for purchases.

Questions we've gotten:

1) If I buy something other than one of the books listed, does First Methodist still get a fee?

Yes. If you enter the Amazon site by clicking on one of the books or by clicking on the banner above, First Methodist will still receive fees for qualifying items purchased and shipped. Most items--from electronics to toys to music to household goods--qualify for First Methodist to receive advertising fees. If you use this link every time you enter the site, First Methodist will receive referral fees for all your purchases.

2) Is there a link I can copy and paste instead of clicking on the banner?

Yes. Copy and paste this link into your browser:

3) Will it increase the price I pay or otherwise change things about my account?

Not in the least. This does not affect your price, your coupons, your Prime account, or anything else about your Amazon account. Just log into your account as usual. The only important thing is to not click away from Amazon before completing your purchase.

4) Why is First Methodist encouraging more shopping?

That's not really the intention. Many people ask about books referenced during sermons, and placing links to Amazon is one of the most convenient ways to provide that information. The church can then earn referral fees for products people were wanting to purchase anyway. However, we certainly want people to prayerfully consider their spending, as they do any other aspect of their lives. If you feel shopping is inhibiting your practice of the discipline of simplicity, then please don't let this program become a temptation to you.