We are a United Methodist congregation in Wharton, TX, seeking to love God and our neighbors through worship, service, study, and fellowship.  We have an active youth group, a growing children's ministry, a wonderful daycare, an exciting music ministry, a dedicated prayer ministry, and much more.  

You might have noticed "Family Church, Servant Church, Deep Church" on our homepage. Those are our three core emphases, and we always come back to them with everything we do.

Each of those core areas has a goal:

Family: To invite the families of Wharton into the family of God. To become a place where parents, children, singles, couples, childless couples, and everyone else in the community can find a spiritual home and fellowship at God's table.

Servant: To show God's love in tangible ways by ministering to the physical needs of the community. To follow a Wesleyan vision of "social holiness" by reaching out to "the least of these."

Deep: To invite every member of First Methodist to go one step deeper in their relationship with God each year. To provide opportunities for every single person to take the next step on their faith journey.